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Sabtu, 15 Januari 2011

My Experience

Surabaya Open

Me and My Friends went to Surabaya on last holiday. We went to Surabaya for joined a Rubik’s Competition in Surabaya, the competition name is Surabaya Open.
We went to Surabaya by Train. We arrived there in the morning.  After arrived we went to Tunjungan Electronic Centre, the place which became Surabaya Open.  In the travel I feel so hot because this town has so many vehicles, so this make this town more hot. Finally we arrived at Tunjungan Electronic Centre. Glad to be here, this building is so cold it’s very different from the outside.
On the third floor, wooh.. amazing. Many cuber from many different cities gather here. I meet many person here, for example Roy from Malang, Jorghy from Balikpapan and Augiska from Balikpapan too. They’re a good person, and very talented cuber.
The Competition has begun. In Qualificatiaon Round my time is not too bad, I can went to next round. But In the Next round my time is very bad, so I can’t went to Semi Final round. My Friends also seems like me. And We back to Madiun at night.
Even I lose, It was great experience in my life.

maaf bahasa inggris saya pas-pasan hahaha

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